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Dariusz Pietrzykowski - video

Che gelida manina,

Famous Rodolfos Aria Che gelida manina (Your tiny hand is frozen!) from the 1st Act of La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini.

Orrida e questa notte (Lucia di Lammermoor by G. Donizetti)

Thrilling duet from the 3rd Act of Donizettis Lucia di Lammermoor. Edgardo (Dariusz Pietrzykowski) returns through a violent storm to his dilapidated home, the tower at Wolfs Crag. Enrico (Stanislav Kuflyuk) arrives and taunts Edgardo with the news that Lucia and Arturo have now wed and are headed to the bridal chamber. Enrico and Edgardo agree to meet at dawn by the tombs of the Ravenswoods for a duel.

Ella mi fu rapita! - (Rigoletto by G. Verdi)

The Dukes aria from the first scene of the 2nd Act of Rigoletto. The action takes place in Duke's Palace.

G. Verdi, Rigoletto, Duca aria La donna e mobile

Dramatic scene from the 3rd Act of "Rigoletto" by G.Verdi. Gilda, being still in love with Duke, stands with Rigoletto outside Sparafucile's house. There she can hear Duke's voice (aria "La donna e mobile- "Woman is fickle") laying out the infidelity and fickle nature of women. What an irony, since it is he who is inconstant !

Chi mi frena in tal momento (Lucia di Lammermoor by G. Donizetti)

Dramatic scene from the 2nd Act of "Lucia di Lammermoor". Lucia reluctantly signs the marriage contract. Suddenly Edgardo bursts in, claiming his bride, and the entire company is overcome by shock (Sextet: Chi mi frena in tal momento). Arturo and Enrico order Edgardo to leave but he insists that he and Lucia are engaged. When Raimondo shows him the contract with Lucias signature, Edgardo curses her and tears his ring from her finger before finally leaving in despair and rage.