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Dariusz Pietrzykowski - reviews

liryc tenor

1997 - 1999 reviews

The voice of Dariusz Pietrzykowski a guest tenor playing the supporting role of Lord Arthur, was very interesting.

Almost as young as the operatic romantic lead Ernesto, the tenor from Bydgoszcz Dariusz Pietrzykowski, has gained the audience's admiration with his noble and pure voice and with an interpretative accuracy.

During the Saturday performance a guest artist Dariusz Pietrzykowski succeeded in his interpretation of the role of Arthur Bucklaw. Dariusz Pietrzykowski and the choir are the only ones whose effort of performance is worth appreciation...

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2000-2002 reviews

Dariusz Pietrzykowski created an interesting interpretation of Damazy (first of all vocally).

As well as a splendid interpretation of the character of Tamino, which we owed to Dariusz Pietrzykowski.

The performers did not outshine the first-night cast- except for Dariusz Pietrzykowski, who was more interesting than...

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2003-2006 reviews

Dariusz Pietrzykowski did a wonderful job playing Gennaro, convincing everybody not only with his acting skills but also with his brilliant and beautiful singing.

Among the whole cast the best impression was left by Artur Ruciński as the rascalous Papageno and Dariusz Pietrzykowski - confused Tamino, both stylish as far as the singing and phrase is concerned.

Dariusz Pietrzykowski, who was playing the role of Gennaro, was a splendid partner to Joanna Woś. He distinguished himself with a very nice voice, good workmanship as well as with discreet and measured acting. I listened to him with an enormous pleasure. It seemed to me that his role was made for him. I hope that it will be also possible to listen to him in a right repertoire in Warsaw.

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