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Dariusz Pietrzykowski - 2003 - 2006 reviews

2003 reviews

Beginning from "An Aria with Carillon", poczynając. Dariusz Pietrzykowski was singing beautifully. He even interwove a joke to show that, similarly to talent, he also has a sense of humour and class.
06.03.2003 DZIENNIK POLSKI - Panie na deser (Ladies for dessert) - Nowy Sącz. The final of III Festival of Musical Joke and Virtuosity - Wojciech Chmura
Waldemar Malicki, the artistic director of the festival in Nowy Sącz, had an humouristic verbal-musical-vocal duel with a splendid tenor Dariusz Pietrzykowski. Both gentlemen turned out to be equal partners and therefore it is appropriate to admit victory to them both.
06.03.2003 GAZETA KRAKOWSKA - Debiut na finał (Debut for a final) - III Festival of Musical Joke and Virtuosity - Stanisław Śmierciak
I had numerous opportunities to admire Marcin Bornus Szczyciński's interpretations of old music as well as operatic and musical arias by Zbigniew Macias and Dariusz Pietrzykowski. However, in Nowy Sącz, apart from their habitual repertoire, each of the artists showed their other, smiling and rather private, face.
10.03.2003 DZIENNIK POLSKI No 58 - Muzyka i uśmiech (Music and smile) - Anna Woźniakowska

2004 reviews

Dariusz Pietrzykowski, who was playing the role of Gennaro, was a splendid partner to Joanna Woś. He distinguished himself with a very nice voice, good workmanship as well as with discreet and measured acting. I listened to him with an enormous pleasure. It seemed to me that his role was made for him. I hope that it will be also possible to listen to him in a right repertoire in Warsaw.
VII-XII 2004 TRUBADUR No 3-4 (32-33) VIVAT BEL CANTO czyli Lukrecja Borgia w Łodzi (VIVAT BEL CANTO or Lucrezia Borgia in Łódź) - Katarzyna Walkowska
Dariusz Pietrzykowski did a wonderful job playing Gennaro, convincing everybody not only with his acting skills but also with his brilliant and beautiful singing.
20.12.2004 DZIENNIK ŁÓDZKI - Lukrecji się nie współczuje (You do not feel compassion for Lucrezia) - Michał Lenarciński
The Opera in Łódź, which suffers from the lack of tenors, surprised the audience with Dariusz Pietrzykowski's Gennaro. His voice is a voice full of expression, pleasant timbre and strength.
20.12.2004 EXPRESS ILUSTROWANY - Wspaniała trucicielka (The Splendid Poisoner) - Renata Sas
The most mature performance was that of Dariusz Pietrzykowski who played the role of Lucrezia's love, Gennaro.
20.12.2004 RZECZPOSPOLITA No 297 - Odwieczne intrygi (Eternal intrigues) - Jacek Marczyński

2006 reviews

Among the whole cast the best impression was left by Artur Ruciński as the rascalous Papageno and Dariusz Pietrzykowski - confused Tamino, both stylish as far as the singing and phrase is concerned.
22.06.2006 NASZ DZIENNIK No 144 - Poszedł Mozart do szkoły (Mozart went to school) - Adam Czopek
It was a pleasure to listen to Dariusz Pietrzykowski's (Tamino's) beautiful tenor voice, despite the fact that the artist is made for rather heavier parts.
19.06.2006 ŻYCIE WARSZAWY - Maestro wybuczany - Katarzyna K. Gardzina