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Dariusz Pietrzykowski - 1997 - 1999 reviews

1997 reviews

The voice of Dariusz Pietrzykowski a guest tenor playing the supporting role of Lord Arthur, was very interesting.
09.03. At .11.50 RADIO ŁÓD¬ - and II PROGRAMME OF THE POLISH RADIO - cultural news - 10.03. review by ed. Maria Hoffmann
Dariusz Pietrzykowski (Arthur) was good...
10.03.1997 DZIENNIK ŁÓDZKI - Dramat bez wrażenia 'Premiera w Teatrze Łódzkim' (Drama without impression 'Premiere in ŁódĽ Theatre')
During the Saturday performance a guest artist Dariusz Pietrzykowski succeeded in his interpretation of the role of Arthur Bucklaw. Dariusz Pietrzykowski and the choir are the only ones whose effort of performance is worth appreciation. This fact was also noticed by the audience which gave a cautious applause after The Grand Theatre premiere: the curtain "went up" only once.
12.03.1997 WIADOMO¦CI DNIA - Łucja zlazła z muru - Premiera w łódzkim Teatrze Wielkim (Lucia climbed down the wall - Premiere in The Grand Theatre in ŁódĽ) - Michał Lenarciński

1998 reviews

Dariusz Pietrzykowski (Don Ottavio) promises well.
09.02.1998 EXPRESS ILUSTROWANY - "Chichot Mozarta" ("Mozart's giggle") Renata Sas
Among all the gentlemen - say due to the fact that all the action centered around him - Don Giovanni (Wlodzimierz Zalewski) and after him his colleagues: Leporello (Piotr Micinski), Don Ottavio (Dariusz Pietrzykowski) and Masetto (Zbigniew Kuznik).
09.02.1998 DZIENNIK ŁÓDZKI Mozart wedlug Hanuszkiewicza Po premierze opery "Don Giovanni" w Teatrze Wielkim w Łodzi (Mozart according to Hanuszkiewicz After the premiere of "Don Giovanni& in The Grand Theatre in ŁódĽ) - Beata Ostojska

1999 reviews

Almost as young as the operatic romantic lead Ernesto, the tenor from Bydgoszcz Dariusz Pietrzykowski, has gained the audience's admiration with his noble and pure voice and with an interpretative accuracy.
28.06.1999 at 11.20 RADIO ŁÓD¬ - programme "Zawsze z Toba" ("Always with you") - a review of "DON PASQUALE" premiere
...whereas the young, more and more amazing with technical self-confidence and beauty of voice tenor from Bydgoszcz DARIUSZ PIETRZYKOWSKI may treat his role of Ernest as a role of his life.
30.06.1999 TRYBUNA ŁÓDZKA "Norina w Don Paskudzie" (Norina in Don Hideous) - Anna Izykowska-Mironowicz